What others have to say about Abby...


David Gilmore - Elixir Hip-Hop showcase / 5th Element NI

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Mairead McNulty & Robert Peacocke

"Abby has been part of our hip-hop showcases as both a host of our club night and festival programs and also as a solo performer. She is an incredible asset and also a hugely inspirational figure for women in the Irish hip-hop scene with her powerful performances captivating audiences with a truly unique style. Abby commands the stage and when she is all said and done you are left knowing you have witnessed something special, every time."

"I have to tell you how much I have loved your writing sessions in the library.  You are an inspiration! Let's hope its not the last time we get to work with you."

"I would like to thank you for all your help on the project, you had a wonderful way of interacting with us all and while I was a total newbie with no previous writing experience you made me feel right at home. I was a little bit nervous of having my feeble efforts sneered at.

You were all wonderful and you have inspired me to continue to have a bash."


2nd Years at Our Lady's College, Drogheda


Michelle  - participant: Performance & Poetry course, Feb 2020

"Fun, thrilling & interactive experience."

"Good tunes and lyrics."

"Helped me relax about speaking in front of crowds."

"Helpful to me to become less shy in front of people, very inspiring."

"Inspiring that someone so experienced still gets nervous to speak in public. Incredible!"

"Very inspiring, entertaining, and enjoyable to listen to."

"Abby Oliveira. What a woman. What a wordsmith. I feel so lucky to have gone to her Performance Poetry workshops. She encourages you to be you, comfortable in your skin, stripped back, raw. Her workshops are interactive, fun and inspirational. Abby is warm, vibrant and endearing. She moulds her workshops to match her participants and their needs, interests and strengths. Excellent. Thank you so much!"


Margo - participant: Thursday Evening Performers' Workshop, 2020

"I loved the spontaneity and fun way Abby teaches. She is very supportive and has fantastic advice to get us to our finished writings more positively.  Very grateful for the chance to improve and compile my show."